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Friday, 20 July 2018

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17 Powerful Secrets to Increase Website Traffic

Having website online is of no use if it is not able to get potential traffic that can increase your sales conversions. Irrespective of the size and type of the business, every website online should focus on increasing their website traffic. The current article is all about ways to increase website effectively.

1. Publish content quite often
The current changes in the search engine algorithms have given huge importance to content. Publishing the content quite often would drive more traffic to the website. It helps to generate traffic from the various sources like social media platforms, forms, and E-mails.

2. Highly informative content
Gaining potential traffic from the major search engines like Google needs you to write lengthier and informative blog post. The posts that are more than 2000+ words have more potential to draw the traffic than the words that are 1000+

3. Use long tail keywords
Using the long tail keywords in your content to get viral website traffic, the digital marketing company in Bangalore has gained a terrific surge in the conversion rate of the potential clients. Though there is less search traffic, the conversion rates will be high when you use long tail keywords in the content.

4. Competitive research
This is another strategy for attracting more visitors to your website. Nexevo Technologies have employed expert team especially to conduct competitive research and gain the competitive edge in the market and rank higher in the search results.

5. Use Quora
Using Quora has turned out into another SEO powerful secrets of the year 2018. The platform has gained millions of users during the recent times. Using the site will help you with the content that works at the best and increase the chances of your post going viral.

6. Dedicate 80% of the time to blog promotion
Most of us spend time is writing lengthy blog content inserting highly targeted keywords but, how much time are we spending on promoting the same content. In the most of the cases, it is 80:20, the ratio, should be in the reversed proportion to generate Powerful tactics to Increase your blog traffic.

7. Have SEO optimized site
It is very important to conduct SEO audit with the help of the SEO company in Bangalore and fix the errors to make sure that the site is SEO optimized. An optimized website can bring more traffic to the website.

8. Link building
The history of Link building in SEO is as old as a hill but, its importance cannot be neglected even in the year 2018. Follow white hat link building that helps you bring long-term steady search traffic.

9. Social media
The power of social media in bring viral website traffic cannot be ignored. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Pinterest are growing at a rapid phase. If you are able to connect with the influencers, it can quickly bring a good list of customers.

10. Content transformation
Scripting content is a tedious task. Content transformation is making most of your efforts to generate good traffic to the website. You can transform the content into various formats to generate good website traffic. Learn to transform the content into video, slide share and much more.

11. Republish your content
You can republish the content by rewriting them a bit when you are posting them on the professional sites. Rewriting the content is worth effort. The sites have many people visiting the site and the chance of views for your content.

12. Share on high-quality industry related sites
There are sites for promoting industry-specific content. Every industry has some content sharing sites in specific. Search for this kind of site and share top-notch content for getting good traffic to your website.

13. Guest blogging
Write high-quality posts on high ranking sites. This can play a key role in bringing potential traffic to your website apart from serving as effective link building source.

14. Blog comments
This is another good way to generate traffic to the website. Use it on the good sites so that it can turn into another source of generating good traffic.

15. Swap ads with other sites
You can make use of your current traffic to generate more traffic by swapping ads with the other sites in the same niche. Of course, make sure they are not your competitors.

16. Conduct interviews with thought leaders
You can plan to conduct interviews with the thought leaders in the industry and share with your audience through the podcast, youtube channel and even your blog.

17. Announce the new content on e-mail
This is one of the legitimate traffic resources that can promise you the results all the time. Announce the availability of new content to the to potential customers to generate good traffic to the sites.


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