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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

E-commerce SEO Service in Bangalore

7 Advanced Guide for E-Commerce SEO in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent marketing strategy which is very useful in increasing the quality and the quantity of your website. That is the reason why SEO for Ecommerce sites are very essential. But as the competition in the market is huge it becomes necessary to have an effective e-commerce SEO guide which can help the company to obtain a high rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Effective Guidelines for E-Commerce SEO in 2018

The following are some ultimate guide to SEO that will help your company to achieve the highest rank in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.:

Auditing your Website:
The very first SEO tactics to implement is to audit your website and find out the problem that it is currently facing and fix it as soon as possible. It is necessary to perform two different kinds of auditing – technical auditing and backlink auditing. Technical auditing will help you to find out the problematic areas of the website which needs to be fixed ass son as possible. Backlink audit is as important as the technical auditing as it finds out the low-quality links and non-relevance links in your website. You should those poor backlinks in order to optimize your website.

The nest advanced Ecommerce SEO tactics is to do a little bit of research for finding out the most effective keywords. It is very necessary to find out the most relevant keywords for your product or services. Many E-commerce SEO companies in Bangalore uses various tools for finding out the keywords. Some of those tools are Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. Apart from performing keyword research, the company must also do a little bit of research on the competitors. You have to find out what keywords the other SEO ecommerce companies are targeting. You can use Moz tool for finding out the keywords that your competitors are using.

Checking the On-Page SEO:
Another excellent ECommerce SEO Tip is to work on on-page SEO. In this process you have to perform a lot of things such as you have to check whether the schema markup of your website is implemented appropriately or not, whether the architecture of your website is proper or not, whether your website is user-friendly or not, whether your website is compatible with various electronic media such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Checking the HTML part:
The next advanced ecommerce SEO strategy is to check all HTML related things such as you have to check the meta titles, meta description, ALT tags, proper tags, URL structure, body content, canonical tags, etc. of your website and take the appropriate measures for correcting all the associated problems.

Checking the interlink of the website:
The next strategy in the ecommerce SEO checklist is to check the interlink and usability of the website. Interlinking is a process with the help of which one website is linked to another website. It helps in establishing the anchor text that can help in boosting the ranking of the website in the search engine. In many ecommerce SEO case study it is found that there should be one interlink in per 100 words. If your Website does not have that much interlink you need to correct them.

Checking the Off-Page SEO:
Another advanced ecommerce SEO technique is to check the off-page SEO which includes the auditing of content creating, content promotion and linking your website to social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You also have to check your content properly and make it interesting and useful for your user.

Analyzing your effort:
Last but not the least, it is important to analyze your effort that you have put in Ecommerce URL structure SEO and check everything is in place or not. You should have a track on the organic search traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rate, the average time user spends on your website, etc. If you are not getting a satisfied result, then you have to work more on your website.

This is the Complete Beginner's Guide for optimizing the ecommerce business in 2018. Every Ecommerce SEO company in Bangalore follows the above guidelines for optimizing their business. So, you can also try it for getting the best result.


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