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Saturday, 28 July 2018

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Organic SEO Case Study: How to Get a #1 Ranking (2018 Update)

According to an organic SEO case study, it has been observed that the website which has got the first rank on Google receive around 95 percent of the online traffic whereas the rest of the websites receive only 5% of the online traffic. The Search engine Optimization is a process by the virtue of which the online trafficking on your website can be increased on the Search engines ranking pages. There can be various ways through which the page rankings can be enhanced without using paid tools provided by the search engines.

Let us see the top 5 tricks that may help the SEO beginners to work on their website for achieving the topmost ranking in Google search Engine which is mentioned below:

1. Creating Authority Backlinks
One of the most crucial steps to get a high rank on Google is the building of a White Hat Authority Site by creating Authority Backlinks. This require lot of efforts, but it is the most imperishable and durable step to achieve the highest rank for your website. You can do this simply by creating data heavy content, putting a lot of links and posting images, videos and other snaps. You should insert both internal and external links as it exerts a positive influence on the online visitors of your website.

2. Follow a checklist
One should always maintain an on page and off page SEO checklist by moving ahead through step by step. You should keep in mind the most effective SEO Techniques such as the conduction of proper Keyword research by making a thorough understanding of what do people prefer to search the most and how to use them effectively in your webpage content. The proper formation of URL and insertion of keyword in URL as it is the first thing which the search engine keeps in mind before ranking your website, Alt tags insertion in Videos and images, updating content on a regular basis etc. You can also hire seo service company in Bangalore for accomplishing this task.

3. Be aware of the ranking algorithm of the Google search Engine
According to the Study done in 2018, there are various Google’s ranking factors that you should be aware of such as the security of the website, Whether the websites are mobile friendly or not, the quality of the content is very important, what is the opening time for your web page, The length of the content of your webpage also matters, whether you have created the authority backlinks in your website etc.

4. On page SEO should be given priority
SEO best practices include the right targeting of keywords so as to become the excellent performer amongst all. Optimization of title tags is very important and makes sure that the title tags are comprehensive, and must contain the keywords, avoid stuffing of keywords. You can also refer to the SEO for Ecommerce Sites if you are an Ecommerce company and building your website for your product. Scheme markups are also an essential practice which differentiates your website from your competitors and is very helpful in attracting the visitors on to your website. It also enhances the understanding of your webpage content by the Google search engine.

5. Do not forget fix your penalties
Make sure that if your website is malfunctioned, then it becomes useless to continue spending time an efforts in its maintenance. To recognize the mistakes and the loopholes, you should firstly analyze the internal links on your website. To accomplish this, you can refer to the various tools such as Ahrefs, SEOprofiler etc. You must clean your link profile by using either of the methods such as manual links removal or by using Disavow tool by Google. Diversification of the anchor text is vital to create a natural link profile. You must refer to the best SEO updates in order to be completely aware of what all factors are important.

Therefore, these are the top 5 ways through which the Google rankings can be improved. If you are looking for digital marketing of your website, then you can also hire Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore. These are the top 5 most effective tips for SEO 2018.


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