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Monday, 30 November 2015

What is a sitemap?

Imagine you're coming into an oversized shopping mall for the primary time, what’s the primary factor you do? Tramp slowly round the retailers dispiritedly checking out what you would like, or does one realize a visible show map placed on each workplace and decipher precisely wherever you would like to go?

Within an internet site, a sitemap is actually identical issue. It works as a visible index to your web site showing wherever your pages are and what they contain. They’re created for search engines in order that they will simply navigate your website if they're longing for specific content

There are two types of sitemaps

1.   XML sitemap
2.   HTML sitemap


An XML (Extensible Markup Language) Sitemap could be a computer file accustomed details all URLs on a web site. It will embody further info (metadata) on every URL, with details of after they were last updated, however necessary area unit they're and whether or not there are alternative the other versions of the URL created in other languages. All of this can be done to assist the search engines crawl your web site a lot of with efficiency, permitting any changes to be fed to them directly, together with once a brand new page is further or associate in nursing recent one removed.

Advantages of XML Sitemap

There are two points of interest to having a sitemap. One is that it can support the web crawler rankings of your site – something we're all searching for. Presently it's not some super ninja mystery that will sling you from lack of definition to #1 on Google, yet it unquestionably appears to offer somewhat some assistance with basing all alone tests.
The second advantage is that it also helps with getting all of your pages get indexed, even if they’re obscure.


Named "HTML" sitemaps to recognize from XML sitemaps, this is the thing that the vast majority consider when they think about a sitemap. A great deal of sites will have a "Sitemap" join in their footer which will take you to their HTML sitemap. It's fundamentally only a rundown of connections to each area of that site. It helps people effectively see and discover all the substance on a site, and ventures motors in light of the fact that they also can take after every one of those connections to find content.

Advantages of HTML Sitemap

It permits both, the internet searchers and human guests, a fast "look" what your site is all about. It is a simple navigational device to enhance webpage convenience for guests and essentially lessen your skip rate. A sitemap demonstrations like a list of chapters. A guest can without much of a stretch situate himself and choose where he needs to go next.


Nexevo Technologies is the great website SEO Company in Bangalore. We are 5 years’ experience in SEO Services and web design and development services. Completed and delivered more then 500+ projects with various platform. We have enough experts in below services.

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

What is Social Media Optimization?

SMO stands for “Social media optimization “. Social media optimization performs a significant SEO operate. SEO connected with the social media. Social media is sort of a bone of SEO. SEO ineffectual to survive while not it. SEO Companies Bangalore would like social media for raising the standard and ranking of the websites. Social media helps SEO to get business matter favoritism social media sites to extend the traffic to the sites

Nexevo - SMO Company in Bangalore
SMO helps SEO to extend the link ability straightforward tagging and bookmarking. Social media improvement per particle product, services and additionally easy transfer to a different. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter are the simplest thanks to connect with the folks for the promotion of the merchandise and types and build awareness concerning their product them.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Optimization?

1. Increased Brand Recognition
2. Improved Brand Loyalty
3. More Opportunities for Conversion
4. Higher Conversion Rates
5. More Brand Authority
6. Increased Inbound Traffic
7. Cost-Effective
8. Better Search Engine Rankings (SEO)
9. Overall Better Customer Experience
10. Improved Customer Insights

Top 8 Steps for Social Media marketing

SMO Experts in Bangalore

Step 1: Build an Ark
Step 2: Listen and Compare
Step 3: What’s the Point?
Step 4: Select Success Metrics
Step 5: Analyze Your Audiences
Step 6: What’s Your One Thing?
Step 7: How Will You Be Human?
Step 8: Create a Channel Plan


Nexevo Technologies is an Online Marketing Company in Bangalore, with its hands confidently placed on the thump of the approaching social media marketing trends. Nexevo Technologies – SEO Experts in Bangalore know the ins and outs of the major Social Media Marketing stages and networks that would develop your brand repute and increase the bottom-line of your business. Nexevo Technologies use Facebook societies, Twitter contour, viral advertising promotions like video clips, images, articles, or interactive Flash competitions et al. as part of our SMM program.

Nexevo Technologies Services:

·         Improve, create and lead strategic and powerful Social Media campaigns
·         Use social tools/ platforms to increase your Web occurrence
·   Create a loyal community for your business and absorb with them continuously
·         Promote your brand; enhancement your online traffic
·         Grow leads and convert them into sales with computable ROI
·         Online reputation management

Web Services:

·         Website Design and Development
·         E-commerce Website Design and Development
·         PHP Website Development
·         HTML Website Designing Services
·         CMS Website Design
·         Website Redesigning
·         Website Maintenance Services
·         SEO for All kind of Websites

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Friday, 27 November 2015

Welcome to Nexevo Technologies – Web Experts in Bangalore

At Nexevo Technologies goal at creating website designs that will attach the visitors to the website page. Nexevo TechnologiesWebsite Designing Company in Bangalore recognize that a specialized web design is not just limited to great graphics, but also talk’s capacities about your products and services. Receded with the expertise of our website designing team, we know how to develop qualified website pages which are exceptional, creative as well as informative.

website designing companies in bangalore

Nexevo Technologies - Web Design Bangalore established website developments for manufacturers, vendors, IT services, fitness and wellness companies, travel and tourism firms, educational associations and job portals – the website designers at Nexevo Technologies have an eye for feature and put in every determination to make your website reach out to your audience, increase traffic and thereby accentuate your rev news.

What we do?

-> Website redesign and development
-> Website design and development
-> Static and Dynamic Website design
-> SEO (search engine optimization)
-> SEM (search engine marketing)
-> SMM (social media marketing)
-> Facebook banner advertisement

Contact Us:
Nexevo Technologies – Web Designing Services Bangalore
SEO Company in Bangalore
Skype: Nexevotechnologies
Office: +91-8880102111
Call / Whatsapp : +91-9591505948

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Top 10 Ways For Generate the Quality Back links to Your Website

web design company bangalore

1. Make Unique and Quality Content

This is a term that several internet agencies and net promoting suppliers use to “explain” the importance of content. I exploit it too.  However, it's been tossed around such a lot therefore several became conversant in hearing it that either individuals aren’t listening OR they merely don't perceive “why” content is so necessary.  Nexevo Technologies Website Design Bangalore cannot stress enough of however necessary it's for shoppers to grasp, educate themselves and/or respect the role within which content plays in not solely ranking their web site however it engages and informs their users.

2. Blog comment

The stress-free and most cost-effective thanks to do SEO and growth your web site traffic is by commenting on alternative blogs. This can be an excellent thanks to get out there and build your web log common among the opposite individuals in your niche.

3. Forum Posting

Forum postings square measure an excellent thanks to build backlinks to your web site, drive traffic, get info, and realize potential in Nexevo Technologies – Website Designing Company Bangalore.

You’ll wish to find out somewhat little bit of however the search engines work and hypertext markup language to grasp however you'll use forum postings for SEO functions. Search engines index info on websites to store in their index.

4. Web 2.0 Submission

With the recent buzz around making certain your web site is mobile prepared, social signals and alternative factors that influence your rankings, it's straightforward to place link building on the rear burner. Bangalore Web Design Company Though many varieties of links area unit currently ineffective or perhaps harmful, the effectiveness of a decent link building strategy cannot and may not be unnoticed.

5. Article Posting

Article submission is a vital a part of SEO Companies in Bangalore. It’s necessary for each article submitted to the directories that it gets incoming link to the main target web site so at the top the aim of program optimization is consummated. At first for the articles to induce regeneration it should contain correct keywords so throughout search on any program like Google it will build its look simply.

6. Guest Blogging

Doing well in SEO needs too several things to figure well along. One among the foremost vital things that create the SEO advantages tick is Guest Blogging that is that the latest trend. Because the name suggests, guest blogging is that the act of posting your add somebody Else website/blog.

7. Classified Submission

Classified ads are a wonderful means of promoting a web site as they get denote quickly and might begin transportation in sales queries inside hours. Folks post in free classified websites that are attracting massive traffic and have plenty of individuals concerning them for merchandise and services. For SEO they're a boon as a result of they carry a lot of and a lot of traffic to the web site.

8. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking facilitate to index your Pages being crawled by Search Engine prior while not Bookmarks. Social Bookmarking sites square measure high authority sites that square measure oftentimes updated and programmer crawl them oftentimes. Once programmer finds your links returning from totally different High Authority Sites. It follows the links and indexes them. Nexevo Technologies is the Best Website Design Company in Bangalore

9. Directory Submission

Directory Submission is that the activity of the Off Page optimization. Directory submission performs for aggregation the backing of own website through that own site PR (page rank) is increase in Google searches. It’s terribly basic activity of the Off Page optimization.
Directory Submission perform for increase Ranking. In Directory Submission we tend to submit own website to a different site. We tend to submit own web site per the class wise. We tend to select the class according the theme of the positioning.
10. Social Network Profile Creation
Social Media Sites square measure get generate tremendous on-line exposure for your whole, permitting you to showcase your merchandise and services. Nexevo Technologies Social Media Experts in Bangalore helps you hear what individual’s square measure voice communication, as well as your customers, prospects, peers and competitors.


A Nexevo technology has creative Website Design Experts in Bangalore. Our web experts well updated with latest technologies. We are into the Joomla website development, Magento website design, Word press website development and etc.., delivered more then 500+ Projects in all over the global. Successfully we were maintaining our quality in our services. If you are looking at best and affordable Website Developers in Bangalore, Then you are entered to right place!

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine optimization (SEO) suggests that obtaining you the next rank within the natural (non-paid) computer programmer results for your primary keyword phrases. A primary page ranking in Google is commonly the distinction between on-line successes or failure–not simply because of augmented traffic, however conjointly as a result of your quality will increase together with your guests, leading to easier and a lot of sales.

Top 10 Benefits of SEO Services

1. Brand Awareness
2. Better Conversion Rates
3. Quantifiable Results
4. Long-term Impact
5. PR Building
6. Reputation Management
7. Better Customer Experience
8. More Long-term Customers
9. Cost Effectiveness
10. High Return on Investment

Who We Are:

Nexevo Technologies is that the Great SEO and Website Development Company in Bangalore. We tend to square measure five years’ expertise in SEO Services and net style and development services. Completed and delivered additional then 500+ comes with numerous platform. We’ve enough consultants in below services.
Our Main area is to deliver high commonplace of labor at affordable rates. We tend to square measure among the simplest Web Design Company in Bangalore however we tend to extend our services to any or all over India, European nation and us., Uk, France, japan, Canada, Kingdom of The Netherlands.


1.   Strategy
2.   Planning
3.   Keyword analysis
4.   contender analysis
5.   Digital PR
6.   Link acquisition
7.   Outreach
8.   Off-site
9.   Seeding
10. Link penalty removal
11. website recommendations
12. SEO audits
13. Reporting
14. Content campaigns
15. Citation acquisition
16. name management/recovery
17. Penalty recovery
18. Social media integration
19. PPC integration
20. PR integration

Our Services:

1.   SEO Company
2.   Social Media Marketing Services
3.   Pay Per Click Marketing Services
4.   Digital Marketing
5.   Online Reputation Management Services
6.   SEO copywriting Services
8.   Website Branding Company
9.   Hotel Websites Digital Marketing
10. Hospital Website Design And SEO Company
11. Real Estate SEO Services
12. SEO for Educational Websites

Our Contact Information:

Nexevo Technologies – SEO Experts in Bangalore
Call: +91-8880102111/9591505948
Mail To: Info@nexevo.in
Skype: Nexevotechnologies

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