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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Website Design Bangalore

Why Your Website Is Losing Attention And How To Prevent It?

Are you losing out visitors to your website? Your business site is not getting enough attention? You are very upset because you had an excellent ranking and you were receiving a lot of relevant traffic that was even generating leads, emails, phone calls, emails, and sales. But suddenly your website is not getting attention and you are alarmed. Now you check your ranking to see that it has seriously gone down. You don’t need to panic because a web development company in Bangalore can definitely do something about it.

The reasons why your website could lose attention?
A lot of people contemplate that website creation is simply a design but a genuine design has a specific discipline and a lot of perfection. Apart from design, catchy and proper content placement also plays a very important role. Take a look into the details of why your website is losing attention and how you can get rid of it:

1. Outdated design
Every book is judged by its cover, its true for even for websites. Visitors do not tend to visit a website that has old design format because they find the design uneasy. As a solution, you can opt for a facelift from a professional website design company. These days there is no space for basic HTML designs, you need to implement the best knowledge to design an appealing and technically strong website.

2. Content is improper
Content is king and the kingdom depends on the ruler. Web design is not only about pixels, images, colors, and high definition graphics. Content, the kind of text also plays a major role. Too much or too little content is not acceptable, try to fit optimum content and it should have a quality. Content that would be placed must not have typos and grammar errors. Use professional and larger fonts so that people find it easy to read.

3. The navigation structure is not clear
Visitors have to land on a website and keep looking for a piece of information. There are websites that are so complicated and the navigation options are not user-friendly at all. Bad navigation repels visitors and is also harmful to SEO. The best thing to sort out this issue is to hire the best team of designers who have knowledge about it. The designer must keep himself in the visitor’s shoe and then create a user-friendly navigation. Consider the user needs and restructure the navigation.

4. Your website depends on old plugins
Visitors do not have the time to install outdated plugins to read the sales content. It’s best to use HTML 5 for all animations and videos so that users get an all new and better experience. There would be users who would not watch the videos, for them add a transcript, a summary, and notes.

5. Auto-play videos in your website
Visitors generally tend to click the ‘Back’ button when they come across an auto-play video. Then this is definitely something that repels visitors. In today’s time, people enjoy freedom and flexibility, they would like to choose what kind of content they would access and consume.

6. Obtrusive registration requirements
Gated content definitely helps to drive sales but restricting the registration requirements directly affects, lowering the conversion rate. While creating the registration, judge whether the fields you add are necessary or not.

7. A slow loading website is unacceptable
The world is fast and it’s getting faster day by day, therefore a slow loading website would lose out relevant traffic. Most of the consumers wait for 2 seconds for the website to load and they abandon a site that takes more time. If your site is facing the issue, work on and optimize the page loading time.

8. Call-to-action missing
According to a research it has been seen, almost 80% of normal B2B websites miss the call-to-action button. This is all about not mentioning about the sale and it definitely repels visitors. It is important to prompt your customers to take an action and this can be done with a compelling call-to-action button.

Final words
Some of the other reasons are not using the ‘exit intent’ technology, the website is not responsive, your content fails to live up to the landing page promise and product benefits are not clear. Now that you know the reasons why your website is not getting enough populated, you need experts to work on if your site is facing any of the issues. There are so many reputed web design companies in Bangalore that offer all types of the solution including redesigning. Make sure your website is in expert hands.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Top web Development Company Bangalore

How To Avoid Website Fails? That Will Increase Your Sales

We are all very much aware of the fact that the people are running their business with the help of their websites. In the current scenario, most of the websites that support business people help to increase the sales of products as well.

As everything turns into digital, customers and clients are always seeking for the things to handle in a smarter way. This could be the main reason that most of the business owners are started to focusing on the business which is highly handling with the usage of the website.

Nowadays, every business requires a website that supports your sales in a better way without any difficulties.

On the other side, most of the business owners are struggling to maintain their websites and started losing the site which helps to improve the sales of products or business.

In case, if it is not mobile friendly, then there will be a chance of reduction of traffic to your website and started experiencing the earnings in a quick time. So, make to handle your website that largely supports mobile devices as many shifts to mobile to gather each and every detail available on the website.

Find the best SEO Service Company
If you are the one who is struggling to run your business without the proper support of the website, then you are in the right place where you can make use of it.

As we mentioned earlier, the website is considered to be one of the important things that every businessman should utilize it. In case, if any proper website is available for your business, then make sure to develop a website for your business in order to increase the sales.

Once it is followed properly, then there is a chance of improvement when it comes to sales.

In case, if any businessman missed focusing properly on the website without any further updates, then there is a chance of losing customers or clients.
In order to avoid this kind of issues, then you can search for the best SEO service company Bangalore at any time.

You can find a lot of service companies which are working hard for the customers and clients to develop their business through maintaining the business. By using these companies, you can expect the contents for your site which are actually lacking.

Once it is followed properly, then there is a chance of getting back your business on the right track.

Recover from loads too slowly
Loading speed of the website is always playing a crucial role among the businessmen. Based on the speed of loading on your website, the customers will visit your site.

The main thing one should keep it in mind is if your site lacks the speed when it comes to loading, and then there will be a chance of losing viewers for sure.

There are several websites available across the internet; if they missed visiting your site, there would be a chance of jumping into the other sites. Yes, the competition between the businessmen is pretty heavier in recent years.

To avoid this kind of issue, you can contact website design & development service in Bangalore. Apart from offering the best services to develop your business, they are also helping to recover back your business on track.

So, whenever you are seeking for the website to recover back, then make sure to visit the best SEO companies available.

Once followed properly, then there will be a chance of getting back your old customers to your site and improve your business in a short span of time without any difficulties.

Avoid guiding viewers to go to other sites
We have mentioned earlier, in case, if any viewers feel too slow loading while entering your website to check about your business, then he/she may feel disappointed for sure. Also, they don’t feel or experience loses when it comes to missing your site but you will start to lose your revenue due to fewer viewers.

This could be the main reason where most of the people who are running their business are seeking for the best SEO companies to target and expect the better outcome from them.

Hope the given stuff will be helpful for all the businessmen who are facing issues running the website.

Web Design Agency Bangalore

7 Attractive Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website

An attractive website is must for all the business. A nice looking website can quickly get the attention of audiences and people would love to spend more time in order explore the content.

The online presence is highly influenced by the look of the website. A website plays a very curial role to build the first impression of the business. This gets mandatory if your business website is the only source of contact for the customers.

Here are top 7 Attractive Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

1. Upgrade
Every day the technology is changing, people are looking forward to implementing creative ways to boost their market value. Resigning is the best way to upgrade your current image.

You don't want your company to have the same boring website that looked too long and boring.

Nexevo Technologies can help you to change the overall look and navigation of your website. By changing its look you can also be part of the latest trend and technology.

2. Navigation Trouble
It is always important to keep a check on your competitor's websites, companies are using new techniques to attract customers towards their business. When you are creating a new website for your business it is must to give special importance to the navigation.

The overall navigation should be easy and a user should have a friendly experience while exploring the website. Always hire website redesign company Bangalore to do the best designing for your company website.

3. To Achieve the Desired results
It is obvious for every business to have a goal, every business implements different strategies to achieve that goal.

A website plays a very crucial role to reach your goal by increasing the lead generation and overall sales.

A website Redesigning from Nexevo Technologies can give fresh look to your business. Rather redesigning the entire website you can plan to redo a particular section to garner immediate audience attention.

A little tweaking in the final look can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall user experience.

4. User-Friendly
The primary goal of creating a website is to attract customers. It is must have a website which is designed as per customer need and not only for the business purpose. If the visuals of the company is not very attractive it can be annoying and too monotonous for the customers.

Hence it important to hire a good website redesign company Bangalore. Companies like Nexevo Technologies make use of the right strategy to communicate the information to the customers.

5. Mobile Friendliness
As per the research users spend huge time on their smartphones. When it comes to dealing with business mail or searching for something online, people highly trust their smartphone. It is essential for all the businesses and companies to have a website which is mobile friendly. This increases the overall readability and reach of your business.

In fact, Google provides the website which is friendly on mobile devices. At the end of the day, the user wants to get all the information as per their convenience and of high quality.

A good website redesign will ensure that all the data remains intact and is also of excellent quality for the customers to explore and use.

6. Boost Responsiveness
As a business owner, you not only want the customer to visit and stay in your page, you also want them to make a purchase decision.

A mobile with great design is considered as friendly and has good responsiveness. When users spend the good amount of time on your website you can notice a drop in the overall bounce rate.

A website design is a perfect choice if you want to increase the overall sales and lead generation. Moreover, while redesigning the current website you can always examine and discard the old content.

7. Increase Credibility
The hard reality is people highly judge a business via its website. A monotonous and old website is obviously a turn off for all the users. Redesigning your website gives people opportunity to trust your business.

A user-friendly website is necessary at the same time it is important for the business website to look attractive and appealing. There are many reliable Website Redesign Companies in Bangalore which can make the task super easy.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Images can actually help in traffic generation but they are like the unsung heroes. Yes, you got it right; this article would speak about the Google Image Search which helps to get more audience to your website. Online content, at least a majority of them is a combination of text and images where text definitely gets attention but images are the ones that help in drawing the attention. You must now remember that images are also a type of content, a very important part of content marketing.

It’s really difficult to get the exact number or the stats of the amount of search traffic Google Image generates or accumulates. The big reason is that Google is not disclosing these statistics publicly. But there the experts did find out some relevant information and that is a huge number. These days, visual content gets ample importance because only a drab piece of text is not enough. This is the reason why Google Image Search came into existence, another successful brainchild. If you are interested to create a stronger brand name, hire an seo company in Bangalore.

Everything About Image Optimization

SEO has mainly overlooked image optimization but now it’s the best way to be ahead of your competitors and create a bigger brand name. The aim of image optimization includes three main things:

1. Opt for images that support the ranking of your page and the traffic

This simply means that the images must be relatable to the keywords that you choose for page ranking. For instance, you are optimizing for ‘gold necklace’ then you must include images of ‘gold necklace’ and also optimize the images of ‘gold necklace’ for the keyword. The search engine results are actually based on the technique of image optimization.

2. The next aim is to obtain a high ranking in Google Image Search

Google has an entire search engine for the ones looking for only images. So, you need to ensure that your pictures rank higher in Google Images Search engine. It is the best way to create brand awareness. You would also have queries about where the image landed from? Just beside the image, the information is shared for the audiences. The search result contains a hyperlink and you can click it to visit the website. It’s definitely a way to attract a larger number of visitors.

3. The images must be displayed properly on social media platforms and in PPC

You post a link to your content on any social media platform, you would want the images to appear great, reflecting the quality and therefore image optimization is of utmost importance.

The image optimization process explained

  • Add relevant keywords to your images – Image optimization firstly means linking them to the right keywords. You must name the image file according to the keyword. The keyword must be included in the alt attribute for optimization purpose. Add keyword in the caption and the title.
  • Image sizing and format essential for Google Image Search – Are you images correctly sized? In case your images are tiny, it won't enhance the value of your page. If the images are bigger than perfect, the loading time would increase. The perfect size depends on the width of the segment where the content is displayed without including sidebars. A Jpg format is a standard one that is used. For sophisticated images, use the GIF or PNG formats like marketing graphics or company logo.
  • Image metadata – There are 3 types of metadata: technical, descriptive and administrative. For optimizing images, use the descriptive metadata. You need to add an alt text, title info and caption.
  • Adding Image XML Sitemap – Create a sitemap for your images and you need to inform Google about it. It’s easy, Go to Google Search console and click ‘Crawl’ located in the left-side sidebar. Choose ‘Sitemaps’ from the drop-down menu. Click on ‘Add sitemap’ to add the URL.

Tracking the Traffic with Analytics

Since July 2018, Google felt that a lot of webmasters did not understand the role of Google Images in generating site traffic. Google rolled out a new referrer URL that is specific to Google Images. This would show the last page that the user landed on and clicked to visit the webpage. This would give better SEO scope and you could get more traffic. You can track the Google Image Search Traffic even better using Google Analytics.


You cannot neglect image optimization or else you won’t get traffic from Google Images Search. You need an expert to manage all of these and that is why you need to find a reputed and experienced Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore. Image optimization is a part of Search engine optimization and it's gaining a lot of importance in recent times.

Are You Interested to Take Our Services: Nexevo Technologies

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

SEO Company Bangalore

Best SEO Strategy for Ranking and Sales (Updated 2018)

Well, almost all the online website creators are struggling with getting their website ranked at number one on a search engine like Google. There are only a few websites that could be able to manage their top rankings on Google and are easily gaining profits from their customers. SEO services in Bangalore offer a variety of tips and their suggestions will surely help you in enhancing your sales and ranking on search engines. If you are also struggling to maintain your position as number one then you have to follow certain steps which are mentioned below:

1. Basic Understanding of SEO is Important
It is very important to understand the demands and perspectives from the other side i.e. the search engine. What if you enter a search keyword and Google offered several links but none of it is in your use then definitely you would not go back for searching your stuff all over again. In a similar way, Google wants you to submit the data online which your prospects desire to look for. If you are better than the rest of the people, your content would gain an upliftment. For this, you may search the best keywords and the most frequently asked questions.

2. Understand the Language of your Customers and Work Accordingly
You have to be mindful of the needs of your customer. For this, you may also take help of online & digital marketing company in Bangalore which can help you in gaining a better insight about the needs of the customer and then you may transform this knowledge in the form of quality rich content on your website. The use of language in a natural form is always considered to be advantageous for the customers. If you act as a resource for your customers, then surely you will gain reinforcement from Google. You can use the topmost SEO tools for searching keywords and other alternatives.

3. Resourceful Content is the Key
Content includes the written articles, chats, lists, videography, images, sounds, guides etc. you must always utilize the various types of contents to interact with your customers and try to understand their hurdles and should seek to provide answers to their queries. Draft your content wisely, perform thorough research by looking for the keywords most searched for. The content would be appreciated by Google only if the customers would entertain it. So, the demands of the customers should decide the niche of your content.

4. Listing Yourself is Crucial for Ranking and Sales
Your prospects and Google would be able to find you easily if you cite your website on local inventory, national and niche-based directories. It will expand your exposure to the business and lead to improvements in rankings. By assuring that your business profile is completed on Google and you must promote your business through this profile whenever you get a chance to do it. Google likes images and content that can keep the audience engaged.

5. Backlinking Enhances your Popularity
Why would anyone like to form a connection with you if no one links to your website? Backlinks are very important and they can commendably enhance your ranking especially if the respectful sites form a link with you. There is a direct correlation of the rankings on a search engine and formation of quality backlinks and the correlation is positive. You should keep an eye on the backlinks of your rivals and explore the further chances to form links with quality sites.

6. Keeping a Check on Your Progress Record
Evaluation of your input and performance on a regular interval will keep you updated with the SEO strategies and marketing tricks you are using. But make sure that the evaluation is purposeful as you should keep in mind certain specific goals for your business when you start analyzing your performance. You may use wireless carrier for exploring different options and other opportunities to enhance your sales and website rankings on Google.

The improvisation is a gradual procedure and the sooner you start, the better it will be. Make a plan for yourself and keep an SEO checklist with you so as to keep a track of your work and accomplishments.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Web Designing Agency Bangalore

August Update : Google algorithm update rolled out, Who was 

impacted by this update? And how to rectify it?

Did you just hear about the August update? On the first of August, a grand Google search algorithm update rolled out and it’s named the Medic Core Update. According to Google, it’s a global, broad and core algorithm update which is based on a lot of analysis and there is ample focus on health and wellness vertical sites. But, again many other sites have been affected due to this update. Google stated that you cannot fix your website at any cost, therefore simply focus on creating a great experience, offer refined content and make the site more useful. The name of the update itself echoes that it’s mainly for the medical space.

Purpose of This Update
The Google Update on 1st August 2018 was a big hit and Google showed the ability to determine the E-A-T for a site. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. Google is mainly tried to filter those websites that are trustworthy for the audiences.

The ones impacted from the August update
August is healthy, August is nice but for some, it was not a great month. As it’s a global kind of update, websites belonging to every type and niche has been affected. Do you know what YMYL is? It’s Your Money Your Life and the pages here aim at life events and money. According to the guidelines of Google raters, they are defined as:

  • Pages that ask for personal information which have chances of being used for identity theft.
  • Pages used for different monetary transactions or pages that lets you purchase something online.
  • Pages offering health and medical information.
  • Pages that render advice on important life decisions like home, parenting etc.
  • Pages that offer financial or legal advice and deal with life issues or your future happiness.

So, the majority of these sites either saw profit by a few points or suffered loss of few points. Mainly finance and health pages have been affected but the list extends to educational, e-commerce and also automotive websites. After an update is rolled out, it takes a couple of weeks to get a hit about the result. SEO experts have observed that the YMYL sites have definitely been affected but a lot of sites under niches nutrition, diet and medical device are heavily affected.

What to do if you are affected?
In case you are an affected YMYL site owner, you can do these things:

  • Display all the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) – Design an ‘About Us’ page that contains various reasons why your business is the most authoritative. You can mention the awards and accolades won, rich experience, recognition from the press and more. The aim is to impress the audiences and Google using relevant and authentic information.
  • Display the author – Each and every article in your website must have a listed author. The listing must again link to author bio that speaks about their skill, trustworthiness, and reliability.
  • Uplift the reputation of your business – This can be done by getting press coverage but again Google can highly identify parts of the websites written by paid journalists versus staff journalists who are really uncovering the reports. Another way to improve the reputation is to foster user reviews across the internet, increase the testimonials and more. You can always get in touch with a website development companies in Bangalore that can help you in reputation management.
  • Confirm that you are selling the best products – You cannot afford to sell a product that is spammy, sketchy or even harmful. If you do so, there would be so much negativity and ranking drops. In most of the niches, there is heavy competition and bad reviews can completely shut the doors of your online business. You must address the issue related to any real user leaving a negative review.
  • Build product credibility – In case you are selling a product related to health, medical device or diet, make sure there is ample information on the internet about the product. Improve the product credibility and reliability by promoting reviews and generating discussions. Focus on creating a marvelous product so that people can’t stop praising it.

Final words
According to the experts, this Google algorithm update has affected the local results and the organic search results as well. The YMYL sites have been affected but it’s actually broader. Expert Barry Schwartz who coined the name Medic for the update says that a huge number of websites belonging to the medical niche has been affected but this update does not go outside the niche.

If you are running an online business, you cannot handle everything in-house. Hire the services of an expert website development company in Bangalore so that you get the best solution.

Friday, 7 September 2018

How to create the best design for smartphone users

One should be aware of the technicalities related to hardware and software of the smartphones before attempting to go for designing of smartphones. According to website design and development company in Bangalore, the experiences of the users are directly influenced by the offers provided by the designing. Greater the knowledge you have regarding the device, the larger will be your ability to use various different features present in our device with much ease and fun.

Web Designing Agency Bangalore
Smartphones have earned a commendable importance being the most famous device with internet access in no time. This has offered bigger job opportunities to jobless people who can earn by developing mobile apps and websites etc.

Let us look at some of the best features for designing a smartphone which are mentioned below:

1. The software development
It is usually done with the help of two types of operating systems i.e. Android and iOS. The Android has been considered as the topmost used operating system for smartphone and it has been becoming better for years. On the other hand, the iOS is surely for the Apple iPhones users, therefore, it is more expensive to use.

2. Hardware development
The functioning of a smartphone resembles much like that of a computer but in a shorter form. The smartphone is composed of the similar parts as that of computers like memory and various processors. The smartphone has certain specific systems of hardware which cannot be found in computers. Let us look at some hardware components which a designer must always consider while designing a smartphone which is as follows:

While framing a design for touch screens, two important things must be kept in mind. Firstly, the touching sensitivity which is essential for resistance to harmful environmental conditions and also is responsive to touch. The screen also determines the thickness of the phone. Secondly, the resolution quality seems to be an important feature which is linked to the consumption of power.

GPS (Global positioning system)
Almost all the smartphones, except exceptionally lower budget phones, comprise chipsets of GPS which provides the information regarding the location of the smartphones but the accuracy might vary. Therefore, designers have to look for the location providing services for some items.

It is not a compulsory feature of all the smartphones. Its major function is to access the movement speed of the mobile phone and account for the direction of the movement of the smartphone. You are well aware of this feature if you have downloaded a health-related application in which the function of a pedometer is very common.

The o-board cameras are the most commonly present feature in all the smartphones available in the market. The quality of the camera may vary within different smartphones according to the budget range of the customer. The camera quality can be accessed on the basis of two components- resolution and availability.

Heart rate monitor function
Those designers who are putting more focus on health applications for smartphones are recommended to design a heart rate monitoring function in the smartphone.

Fingerprint sensing
The fingerprint scanning option is the most prevalent features of the upcoming smartphones nowadays. The technological advancements have led to the discovery of recognizing the user by fingerprints. It is very much appreciated by the users.

The icons formation
The designing of icons should be done in such a way so as to avoid the complicated symbols and labeling of the icons must be easy for the understanding purpose of the user and also, the size of the icon should be taken into consideration as the extra small icons are inconvenient to use. You can hire the Mobile Apps Development in Bangalore for designing the mobile apps and websites.

We should always keep in mind all the age groups of the population while designing a smartphone because the elders face more difficulties while operating a complicated smartphone and the features should be designed in such a way that the smartphone must actually be purposeful for them. The best designer is the one who keeps in mind both the physical as well as psychological characteristics of the users in mind while creating a smartphone.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Website development services company in Bangalore

7 Ways to Improve Your ROI with Seasonal Web Pages

The main advantage of seasonal web pages is that it has a high potentiality to get high Return of Investment (ROI). So if effective strategy is implemented then there is a great chance that you receive higher profit than what you could have gained from other web pages. The main objective of Google search engine is to make useful content available to the public. As such it is very important that you make your web page as effective and useful as possible. That is the reason it is always advisable to approach the best web design & development companies in Bangalore as they know all the tactics to make you seasonal web page a success.

The following are some effective strategies which almost all SEO Company in Bangalore applies while making a seasonal web pages so that the ROI of the company can be improved:

1. Making Content with Multiple Goals:
While creating the content for the seasonal web page it is necessary that you aim to make the content in such a way that it would be used for various purposes. You should not only target to improve your brand relationship but should also aim to attract new traffic to your website as well as you should also use it as a conduit that will help you to earn more and more conversions from your existing visitors.

2. Stick to the Main Topic:
While making the seasonal web page it is every essential to concentrate on the main topic. It is true that more content on the web page gives the reader more opportunity to know more about you company but if the content is not valuable to the reader then the effort of putting more content will not only go waste but can also do harm than good.

3. Focusing on Evergreen Content:
While developing seasonal web page it is important that you concentrate on the evergreen content rather than focusing on that type of content that are subject to change as evergreen content has a high chance of paying off consistently over a longer period of time.

4. Exploiting the Opportunities for Free Distribution:
It is very essential to distribute your content to all free social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. his will help in boosting the piece of content that you create.

5. Reusing the Content:
It is essential that the content once created should not be doomed to become stagnant for the life time. You should try to revisit the previously created content and there is no harm in reinventing or reusing some of the piece of the content that you have created in the past. This will help you to create the content in easier way as well as in a very short period of time. This will, thus, plays a great role in getting higher Rate of Investment (ROI).

6. Letting User to Create Content for You:
It is also very essential to permit the user to make create content for you. You may be surprised to know that by creating a user-driven forum you can permit all the users who visit your web page to create, submit as well as answer user’s question or even sponsoring the content on the social media. This will help you to get some new and useful content at a lower cost. You can organize those contents that are given by the user and process the information and apply it in the content of your website. Thus, it will help you create the content in the most cost-effective way.

7. Making Content at a Cost Effective Rate:
You should make content of your seasonal web page with a specialist content writer. Because the success of your seasonal web page will actually depend on the quality of the content. But at the same time you should not try to make content for the lowest possible expenditure. So, what you can do is that rather than going for a cheap content writer you can provide some assistance to the content writer so that their efforts are minimized and they can complete their work in a short period of time.

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