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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tip to Reducing a Website Bounce Rate

1.            You Should Probably Avoid Pop-ups
2.            Use Intuitive Navigation for Important Items
3.            Poor Design is Increasingly Less Tolerable
4.            Website Loading Speed
5.            Is Your Website Mobile Usable
6.            Design Information Around Priorities
7.            Segment Information
8.            Optimize For Intent
9.            Be Mindful of Ad Placement
10.          Lazy Load Third Party Content
11.          Color Contrast
12.          Messaging is Blatantly Obvious
13.          Cut Out Distractions
14.          Offer Related Content Based on Personas
15.          Leverage Internal Search
16.          Open External Links in New Windows
17.          Prominently Display Your Search Box
18.          Offer a Helpful 404 Page
19.          Keep it Readable
20.          Split Up Long Posts


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