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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

SEO Agencies Bangalore

The Top 10 Causes of Search Ranking and Traffic Loss

·         Drastically reducing the quantity of pages within the website
·         Reducing the number of text on the positioning, commutation it with pictures
·         Dynamic text copy based mostly solely on selling concerns while not considering keywords Accrued page load times
·         Doing work on existing domain instead of a staging server
·         Dynamic website navigation- losing text facet of menus or increasing the quantity of pages the homepage links to
·         Dynamic website structure and URL structure while not redirects
·         Losing pages that several different websites link to
·         If employing a Meta robots no index no follow code throughout plan on staging server, forgetting to get rid of it at launch
·         No sitemap.xml file- might or might not hurt
·         Dynamic domain while not belongings Google apprehend


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