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Thursday, 4 February 2016

8 Killer Tips for Online Reputation Management

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1. Review and Remain Calm

You might feel anger rage. But remain calm have them. Then get ready to move forward.

2. Try to Remove Bad Content

Try to remove the bad link or content. Tread lightly here. However, because it can open "can of worms"

3. Use Search Engine Optimization

Research effective key search terms and add them to your site and other web properties.

4. Get Writing

Create good informative content to suppress negative by writing a blog aimed at your readers.

5. Add Images and Videos

Generates and share images, presentations and brief videos.

6. Share on Social Media Sites

Spread the world on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, YouTube.

7. Monitor your Reputation

Frequently check your name and business to see if other problem cropped up.

8. Repeat

Constantly and continually do all the above steps. Its takes time.

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