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Monday, 1 February 2016

Must Follow Rules for SEO
While maintaining or creating your business website, it is not excusable to not follow certain important rules of SEO as it has become the Search Engine Compatibility. Make sure off- and on-site online marketing work gives best results. You must follow the rules given below to ensure your website is Search engine compatible.

1. Perfect Page Titles

Put together your Meta page titles as ‘key phrase two or key phrase one’ and with correct spellings.

2. Determine Page Title

Allot two-word key phrases to each page of your website, devoid of exceptions.

3. Keyword The Copy And Headlines

The keyword phrases of the titles should feature in the paragraphs and headlines of the page. Avoid overdoing it, but ensure the visitors find the content related to the website.

4. Enhance Chances With Page Description

It might be unnerving; however writing a paragraph by adding keyword nouns and verbs will enhance the effect of the page title.

5. Make Sure Website Can Flatter

By utilizing best CMS (Content Management System), which help your website to rank at the better place in the search engine index. One can find the best help with the CMS at Nexevo Technologies SEO Company and Web Development Services Bangalore, as they provide service at reasonable price and have the excellent customer care service as well.

6. Perform Simple Search Engine Compatibility Test

You can check out the whether your website is dealing with any critical problem by doing simple test:
Enter your website name in Google, check if your name comes in top results without any advertisement.
If not, find out by clicking on more results or your website address and you must get a result displaying a number of websites indexed by Google. Even then if your website is not indexed, do consult the experts like Nexevo Technologies Web Developers Bangalore for resolving the issue.

7. Establishment Of 301 Re-Directs

Any changes made to the location of the details in your website, it generate 404 errors for visitors and search engine crawlers as well. Whenever any change is made on the website, make sure to add 301 redirect rule to access the file and the search engine knows the location of the content.
DO follow these rules that will assist you in avoiding common issues and help in getting best SEO results.


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