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Monday, 4 January 2016

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger

Our experts at Nexevo Technologies Web Design Company in Bangalore are frequently asked by the customers about the WordPress and Blogger website and why one must use Blogger or WordPress. However, to answer the most common questions, we have record down the differences between both the services. So, you can decide the one that actually fulfills your requirements.

The most basic differences between WordPress and Blogger are given below:


WordPress: Its dashboard speeds up for the communication of the users, which help in easy posting without making any mess or wasting time.
Blogger: Dashboard is frequently updated and are available with various features, which can be only utilized when JavaScript is enabled.


WordPress: In case you need to transfer the current domain when it is a paid service, the user needs to pay some price for it. Regardless, you can construct a free blog using WordPress.com as a sub-domain form.
Blogger: It permits the user to transfer the domain for free of cost and also you can purchase from the Blog-spot interface. Even free blogs can be formed as sub-domains. Read More


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