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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to Improve Your Page Rank

What is Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is only a numerical quality appointed by Google to each and every Google ordered page on the web. The Page Rank (or basically PR) of a website page shows the pertinence and significance of that page according to Google Search Engine.

1. Providing quality content

1.   Focus on your content.
2.   Update your website regularly with new content.
3.   Ensure that your content matches your site description and keywords.

2. Optimization

1.   Optimize your pages
2.   Avoid overloading your site with keywords.
3.   Utilize backlinks.

3. Other important promotions

1.   Create and submit your sitemap.
2.   Create an RSS feed.

4. Sharing

1.   Capitalize on social networks
2.   Become more shareable by providing your visitors a couple of easy ways to share your content would be a good start


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