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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

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What are the Benefits of Google Lighthouse for Web Developers

Lighthouse is a tool that developers can use for testing and enhancing performance of the web pages and applications. Web design and Development Company in Bangalore use this tool as it acts as an auditing rule that helps in increment the nature of pages and applications. The four key areas to be audited are performance, transparency, accessibility and growing web applications. It gives us the prediction if possible user experience.

Lighthouse is too flexible to use. The most appropriate usage of Google lighthouse is through chrome augmentation that empowers the product managers and quality assurance teams to effectively comprehend the performance of the given website. This makes the performance the primary concern for the groups and helps to reconcile the interest of groups. There are various listed benefits of Google lighthouse for web developers discussed here. Have a look:

Lighthouse gives noteworthy execution advice
Creating examination programs can prove to be unsuitable as data spat out an assortment of order line devices and can be difficult to process. Luckily, lighthouse provides with complete measurements and report with some particular DOM components, CSS selectors or foundation setup. You don’t need to rely upon the unknown tools and lighthouse can be approached for the purpose.

It measures website speed
Lighthouse is a tool that also determines the website speed. To measure the site speed is very essential as people nowadays are more mobile users and less desktop users. Also, they are less patient and demands quick speed of the website. They don’t prefer to wait for the sites that are too slow. Therefore your site and applications speed should be high so that it will get up rank on the Google.

It determines users perception
Lighthouse tool helps to measures the user perception of your web site or application. It determines the situations and conditions in which the users use your applications and it overviews the actual users of the site. It shows a complete record of the user engagement with the website and application. It portrays a complete picture of accessibility, functionality and quickness of the sites or apps.
Beneficial for SEO Life
Lighthouse helps in enhancing engines optimization. Google has a common functionality and utilize similar measurements methods for ranking search engines on the Google. But Google lighthouse has a user-centric method for search engine optimization that website development services in Bangalore provides. It ranks according to the different ranges of users and don’t optimize on basis of lab conditions. It also gives feedback to the users and helps developers in site development process.

It is built by the best developers
Lighthouse has a competitive advantage over other tools. It is supported by some financially effective organizations therefore has higher reliability and possibility of winning over others tools. Lighthouse is incredibly a helpful suite to enhance the user understanding of your product. Also, it helps to fix bugs that prove to be critical for the website and applications. Moreover, it also acts as a guiding tool even if you are at progressive stage.

So, these are some benefits of Google lighthouse that are useful for the web developers. Hence, it can be used by the beginners as well as progressive web site developers.


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