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Monday, 19 February 2018

3 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews From Your New and Old Clients

Positive reviews are priceless possessions for successful marketing. A recent study has shown that about 70% of the internet users did price comparison often or read the reviews before visiting any physical store. Online reviews are extremely important for online as well as offline business. But it is das that majority businesses do not feel the importance, neither do they convince customers for leaving a positive review. Yes, sometimes it’s pretty challenging to ask for positive reviews and they also have the fear of acquiring negative feedback. Mainly, one cannot just ignore the power of online reviews, in an ethical way.

Do you know that a Digital marketing company in Bangalore can get you out of this problem? They will take all responsibility to ensure you get a handful of genuine reviews every month. If you are thinking about getting that precious online feedback, take a look at the 3 best ways to convince your old and new customers:

1. After completing the service, ask for reviews
There are many concerns and doubts about encouraging for reviews in an ethical way. There are websites like Yelp that sift to keep the best reviews and discard that improper ones. Businesses do have the privilege to give out a message to the customers to let them know that the company has read all the reviews. It’s nothing bad if a business asks for just review (good/bad) because that does not mean influencing customers. Infact asking for reviews from each and every consumer is a greatway to collect positive reviews. Review is synonymous to negativity because only angry customers feel the urge to post. Get rid of the thought that you are pushing the customers, because reviewing means sense. According to marketing strategists, every customer should be asked for reviews. It’s a company’s duty to let consumers know how much opinion matters and how important it is.

2. Scrutinize your present reputation to see how customers react
There is one more way to collect positive reviews and this is why you need reputation management. It’s all about finding out what bothers customers the most about your service and then you can work on those. Reputation management is a great way to filter out false information. You can also know what people talk good/bad about your business. For instance, if a restaurant sees negative reviews related to delivery, they can take step to fix the issue. After this customers can give good reviews about the new system. This is all about turning your weakness into strength, a way of gaining good reviews. A company offering Online marketing in Bangalore can help you in this.

3. Quick response to feedback
Now, why do you have to fear negative feedback? Infact respond to negative feedback even more quickly to prove your credibility. It’s the duty of the business owners to respond to all reviews on various channels. Responding to reviews gives an impression that you care about customer opinion. It’s always good to prove to your customers that you are listening to them, the praises and grievances.

More positive reviews mean better business because customers will be lured towards buying more products. Do not use unethical means because it might backfire and hamper the reputation.


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