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Friday, 26 January 2018

With constant evolution in the industry of technology, there has been consistent development in the aspect of web design. It was mostly about minimalism last year and the new year of 2018 introduces vibrant colours, bold typefaces along with many varying possibilities for facilitating more interaction with the design. Web Designs have become more attractive and engaging which have already started directing the focus of users on the website more like never before. Let’s check out what’s new this year.

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Exciting trends of web design in 2018

Colours are more vibrant!

There were pastels all over the Internet for last few years. This year, it is all about vibrant colors that are replacing the schemes which had more of subdued shades. You can find more character, contrast and character in web designs this year.

There have been many research studies that state the strong impact of colours on mood. Perception, behaviour, and attitude of a human being are greatly influenced by colours. It has also been found that most of the customers in any industries select the products that have more attractive and vibrant colours in their packaging.

Vibrant and bright colours have a power to make a person excited, awake and alive. In order to make the website more attractive and catchy, web designing companies have started using vibrant colours more frequently in 2018. One of the prominent companies that provide web design services in accordance to latest trends is Nexevo Technologies Website Development Company in Bangalore.

Bold Typefaces

The fact of big letters catching everyone’s attention cannot be denied. When large sized fonts are written with big spaces in between words, the sentences attract the attention of every person. 2018 is the year in which bold typefaces are going to be used more regularly. The implications that bold typefaces have on the readers is strong. These fonts have a significant impact on reading comprehension, speed of reading and the perceptions of the user. Large fonts are making prominent statements in the current year by the ease and convenience that they provide regarding comprehension.
Particle Background

These are brilliant solutions for resolving issues associated with the performance that occur while having a video background for any website. Such animations are super light JavaScript’s which facilitate ease of movement suitable for having a natural setting in website’s background. Moreover, these do not take much time to get uploaded. An image creates good impression while a moving one creates a better impression. A background that is made up of particles in the website attracts the attention of readers more prominently than a stagnant image. To add, more use of mobile graphics is gaining huge popularity on various platforms of social media. Nexevo Website Design Company in Bangalore follows the rising trends in web design.

Among various choices like bold fonts, vibrant colours, and mobile images, the year of 2018 is going to be one of the most fun-filled years for web designs. The most important aspect that is to be remembered while designing a website is that these are gaining more access on smart devices. Hence, integrated approach towards web design has to be followed.


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