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Friday, 22 December 2017

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Top 10 Tips and Rules to Control Your Online Search Results

Do you want the most relevant search results to appear in Google? Then here are Ten simple ways to do it.

Dominating online Search Results demand some special skill. To know what it takes to get it, we looked for the best Search Engine Optimization Company in Bangalore. To start with, we started our search with the keyword ‘the Best SEO Agency in Bangalore’. What topped the list, was the first place we knocked in.

What they disclosed about getting the best search results in the first attempt itself, is all penned down below:

1. Make it as Short as Possible:
Typing only relevant words you are looking for would make the search result optimized. You don’t need a full sentence to ask Google, what you are looking for. The more you make it short, the more accurate you get it.

2. Quotes Give Double Impact:
If you are searching a particular sentence or a phrase in the web, use Double Quotes. The use of using a set of double quoted words instructs Google to look for the exact words without any change.

3. Use the Power of Syntax:
Do a little bit of research, find which syntax best describes your phrase. Use it to turn your Google Search into a powerful search tool that finds out what exactly you were looking for.

4. Let Google Know What They Shouldn’t Include:
If you have some experience with Google search, you know what it can come with, try using the (-) minus sign to signify those words that you do not want to see in your search results and waste your time. The sign should appear just before the word preceded by a space so that it does not get confused with the hyphen.

5. Go with Google Auto Complete Feature:
Whenever one looks for certain things, Google comes up with a list of suggestions. That is because of the standard Google Auto complete feature. If that matches your search, even with a little bit of different order of words, go with it. It would give you better results than an uncommon search phrase.

6. Search a Website with the Main Word:
If you don’t know the exact url of a website, you can search for it by just typing the main name or word it is associated with.

7. Change the Order of Words:
Sometimes, better result comes after trying a different permutation combination of word order. If one doesn’t work out, try the other way round.

8. Take the help of Browser History:
Have you already searched a page and forgot to save it? Do not worry, your browser history has it all. Look for the approximate time you might have visited the page. If you have not deleted them in recent times, the page would appear in the list.

9. Do not use Synonyms:
Stop Google from suggesting synonyms by using a plus sign (+). This works alike the double quote strategy.

10. Use a Bigger Umbrella:
If narrow searches don’t narrow down your results, try a more inclusive search word combination.
The Bottom Line

Now that you know how Google works, searching for any information wouldn’t be a great deal anymore. Did you see the results?


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