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Monday, 23 January 2017

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Launching an Ecommerce Website

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Online businesses are here to stay. With everything going online, businesses are jumping into the e-commerce route to take their businesses to a completely new level. But, just like any other business, it requires a great deal of patience and efforts to see them through and make them successful in the digital world. Check out these 10 do’s and don’ts before you launch an Ecommerce website:

  1. Do spend time on the site to make it look good: There are a large number of businesses in the digital world, which are trying their best to appease the customers. So, it is really important to stand out amongst the crowd by making your site look appealing and professional.
  2. Don’t think that your site will be found easily: With so many businesses vying to get the customer’s attention, it is really important to work on the SEO so that the website is visible on the search engines. Social Media should also be used extensively.
  3. Do work on creating a solid platform: Before you jump into the e-Commerce business, ensure that you do a proper planning along with risk analysis.
  4. Don’t spent too much time in sustaining the company: If you are spending way too much time in sustaining the company, you will never get the time to grow your business.
  5. Do allocate enough time for testing: Without proper testing, nothing can be successful. So, set aside enough time to test out the product and the site.
  6. Don’t go overboard on the features: Try to create a viable site, which is user-friendly and appealing. Don’t dive into too much of designing at the cost of neglecting the basic structure.
  7. Do keep a listening ear ready: Listen to your customers, who would be able to give you a clear picture of your product and the site. Their feedback will help you improve.
  8. Don’t chart out unrealistic yardsticks for measuring success: E-commerce is a seasonal business. While it might be highly successful in a certain month, it might not be that great in another month. So, compare it within the same parameters.
  9. Do manage your email lists efficiently: To succeed in e-Commerce, the businesses need to smartly handle their email lists. This will help them in boosting traffic, without having to pay too much for advertising and other things.
  10. Don’t give up: Finally, have the patience to see through the bottlenecks. Don’t get frustrated and give up easily. Running a business requires taking a lot of risks and having a lot of tolerance.

These were some of the Do’s and Don’ts for launching an e-Commerce website. Following these will ensure that you succeed in your online business.


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