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Monday, 22 August 2016

What is a Landing Page? 

A presentation page is a standalone page that a guest touches base on in the wake of clicking a promotion or a query item (pay-per-click, natural, online networking, show pennants, and so on.). A presentation page is ordinarily utilized as a part of promoting effort since points of arrival are particular from your site that have been outlined with an engaged goal for a solitary offer. 

This target can extend from getting registrants for your online course, downloading a digital book or tip sheet, and getting information exchanges for your site. 

Presentation pages are a basic part of any advertiser's online battle, and their prominence has reliably expanded after some time. Simply take a gander at the Google patterns chart subsequent to 2004: 

The 7 Types of Landing Page 

1. Navigate Landing Pages
2. Lead Capture Landing Pages
3. Infomercial Landing Pages
4. Viral Landing Pages
5. Microsites
6. Item Detail Landing Pages
7. Landing page as a Landing Page 

Which Landing Page Type is best? 

It truly relies on upon what your crusade objectives are however as a rule a more engaged presentation page will change over better. Utilizing a standalone greeting page contrasted with sending guests to your landing page is considered to enhance transformations rates by roughly 25%. 

Another vital thought is greeting page improvement. By doing basic A/B testing on your greeting pages you can enhance their transformation rates from 2X-10X. Regularly is it harder to get changes endorsed when they are inside your corporate site. This can be because of specialized asset imperatives or infrastructural constraints that make it difficult to execute a testing structure. 

Standalone pages can expel some of this agony. They can dwell outside the essential site structure and as they aren't connected to inside (you just land at them from advertisements), there's less risk of political imperviousness to continuous changes. 

On the off chance that you aren't utilizing standalone points of arrival, you ought to take a stab at throwing together a fast page format for your next PPC battle (for reference, have a go at going through our How to make a greeting page outline in 10 minutes exercise). Set up 2 indistinguishable promotions and send half of the activity to your presentation page and half to the landing page to see which performs best. 

In tomorrow's post we investigate Lead Capture presentation pages, where we'll examine 7 things you can offer away to a prospect in return for their own data.


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